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Can Physical Therapy Improve your Game?

It is golf season across the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the Tidewater region has its share of excellent golf courses.

But did you know that playing golf can be just as risky as a rugby match? Or, perhaps, you are just now realizing that sitting at your WFH (work from home) desk for forty hours last week will impact your Saturday golf game.

Whether it’s the actual golf game or the stress and impact of everyday life, you may find that aches and pain are harming your game. In this blog, we will look at the link between physical therapy and an improvement in your golf game.

Is a Round of Golf More Dangerous than a Rugby Match? 

At first glance, that question may sound absurd. The review by GolfSupport grabbed our attention.

GolfSupport analyzed a National Health Statistic Report (NHSR) report before claiming that golf may be more dangerous than a ruby match. The study found that most sports-related injuries were from general exercise, including golf, over sports such as rugby or football.

You are not alone if you have experienced a lower back, shoulder, or hip injury from a round of golf. Back and shoulder injuries in the golf community are common. If you are a golfer, you know that the pain is real.

It is a Constant Ache and Dull Pain

Pain is impacting your golf game. Often, it is the constant dull pain that is affecting your game. That pain may be directly linked to your everyday lifestyle. Here are a few ways your lifestyle may lead to nagging, constant aches, and pain.

  • Your WFH desk and chair may not be ergonomic. Or, you may be giving in to the temptation to work from your sofa, kitchen table, or deck chair.
  • A weekend full of yard work may be the cause of your lower back pain
  • The pain may be due to arthritis, mobility issues, or even stress.

Suppose pain from a previous golf day or everyday life hurts your golf game. In that case, physical therapy may be the remedy.

The Link Between Physical Therapy and a Better Golf Game

Before hitting the links in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, or Chesapeake, you may want to schedule a visit to The Therapy Network. We have appointments available today, and we will even help you with all of the paperwork. Visit our website and book an appointment.

5 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game

Here are 5 ways that The Therapy Network can help relieve your pain and improve your golf game:

 A therapist at The Therapy Network can evaluate your injury pain and gauge the seriousness of your injury. Then, a proactive treatment plan will be created to fit your specific needs.

  1. Transitioning from a sedentary winter lifestyle to an active golf weekend may be the source of your pain. A therapist can introduce you to the pre-golf stretches and exercises to warm up your game.
  2. A therapist can help you build muscle and improve your mobility. Both will ultimately improve your golf game.
  3. As a golfer, you need an injury prevention plan, and a professional therapist can help you create that plan. From reviewing your injury history to evaluating today’s pain, a therapist can suggest ways to solve today’s problem and prevent further injury.
  4. What’s behind that nagging pain in your neck, shoulder, or lower back? It starts as mild, and you are in debilitating pain by the end of 18 holes. We can find the source of the pain and provide a solution.

Of course, a PT office will tout the benefits of physical therapy. Here is a blog from JoeyDGolf and the golf community that reviews the benefits of physical therapy for golfers.

Physical therapy may just be your secret weapon to winning that next round of golf.

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