Have you recently had a motor vehicle accident (MVA) in Hampton Roads, Virginia? If so, you are not alone. Hampton Roads has the highest rate of motor vehicle accidents (MVA) in Virginia. Understanding these figures, sourced from a report by the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (, highlights the essential role of post-accident care, including physical therapy after a motor vehicle accident. 

The region, encompassing cities like Hampton, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach, led Virginia in vehicle crashes in 2022. With a staggering rate of 1.8 crashes per million vehicle miles of travel, Hampton Roads overshadowed other metropolitan areas like Richmond and Northern Virginia.

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This high frequency translates to a crash occurring every 20 minutes and an injury every 32 minutes.

Types of Injuries from Auto Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents in Hampton Roads can result in a myriad of injuries, ranging from impact injuries caused by striking parts of the car to penetrating injuries from flying debris. This blog will review the benefits of making physical therapy part of your accident recovery plan.

What are the most common injuries resulting from an MVA? Here are ten injuries that may result from an auto accident:

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1. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): TBI occurs when the brain is jolted, often during car accidents, causing injury to brain cells. It can have long-lasting effects and requires prompt treatment for recovery.

2. Concussion:  A type of TBI, concussions, though sometimes mild, always require medical attention to ensure proper care.

3. Spinal Cord Injuries: These can be complete or incomplete, with varying degrees of sensation loss. Immediate medical attention is crucial, as symptoms may not be immediately apparent.

4. Neck and Chest Injuries:  Commonly caused by the momentum of being thrown forward in a crash, these injuries can result from seatbelt impact or hitting the steering wheel.

5. Broken or Bruised Ribs: Ranging from mild bruises to broken bones, rib injuries can be severe, potentially causing damage to blood vessels or internal organs.

6. Whiplash: Common in car accidents, whiplash occurs when the neck snaps backward or forward, causing strain on neck muscles.

7. Soft Tissue Injuries – Sprains and Strains: These injuries, affecting joints and muscles, are common in car accidents but should not be ignored despite often being less severe.

8. Bruising: While many bruises heal independently, severe bruising, especially to the chest, can cause long-term health issues.

9. Arm and Leg Injuries – Broken Bones: Car accidents can cause broken bones, including limbs, which may not be immediately apparent but require prompt medical care.

10. Dislocated Joints: When bones at a joint separate, dislocations can be painful and sometimes overlooked in post-accident chaos.

The list is long, but the good news is that The Therapy Network in Hampton Roads has a team of professional physical therapists with experience treating MVA injuries. Keep reading to discover why physical therapy after a motor vehicle accident is essential to your recovery and how to contact TTN today.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy after a Motor Vehicle Accident

Physical therapy plays a crucial role in the recovery process following a motor vehicle accident. It offers many benefits, not just in the immediate aftermath but also in the long term.

Here’s why incorporating physical therapy into your recovery plan is vital:

Supports the Recovery Process: Physical therapy aids in recovering from common injuries such as pain, stiffness, reduced range of motion, and chronic headaches or migraines. It helps increase strength, improve flexibility, and manage pain, facilitating a faster and easier recovery.

Prevents Long-Term Damage: Physical therapy can prevent chronic conditions like pain and migraines beyond addressing immediate injuries, and starting therapy soon after an accident increases the likelihood of a pain-free life in the future.

Promotes Pain Reduction Through Physical Activity: Contrary to the belief that rest is always best, being physically active can reduce pain and speed up recovery. Through tailored exercises and stretches, physical therapy enhances healing by increasing blood flow to the injury site.

Potential to Avoid Surgery: While severe injuries may require surgery, physical therapy can help avoid or delay surgery for non-life-threatening injuries. Strengthening vulnerable areas through therapy can protect the body and is a cost-effective and less invasive alternative to surgery.

Restores Function in Older Injuries: Physical therapy can still be beneficial even if your car accident isn’t recent. It helps restore function and mobility in patients with older injuries using strength training and cardiovascular rehabilitation techniques, offering a safe, non-invasive treatment option without the need for opioid pain medications.

Physical therapy is a treatment and a pathway to a balanced and complete recovery, enabling individuals to return to their daily activities with improved health and well-being.

Why contact The Therapy Network after a Motor Vehicle Accident in Hampton Roads?

Choosing The Therapy Network for your physical therapy needs after a motor vehicle accident in Hampton Roads is a decision that comes with several benefits. Here are just some of the benefits of booking a physical therapy appointment with TTN:

  1. The Therapy Network offers same-day appointments, allowing immediate access to professional care without needing a physician referral. This is crucial in a region like Hampton Roads, where the frequency of motor vehicle accidents is high. Schedule an appointment today.
  2. Additionally, with multiple convenient locations in Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach, accessibility is greatly enhanced.
  3. Finally, the daunting task of navigating insurance paperwork is made easier with a Dedicated Patient Navigator, ensuring a smoother and more efficient process for patients.

The combined advantages of prompt service, accessibility, and insurance navigation support position The Therapy Network as a prime choice for those recovering from motor vehicle accidents in Hampton Roads.

In conclusion, the alarming rate of motor vehicle accidents in Hampton Roads, Virginia, underscores the critical need for effective post-accident care, including physical therapy. Whether dealing with immediate injuries or long-term recovery, The Therapy Network stands out as a comprehensive solution, offering timely, accessible, and supportive care for those navigating the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident.