We know that you have questions about physical therapy. You are not alone. Your doctor may have just prescribed a series of physical therapy sessions, or you may have decided that today is the day to remedy that twinge of pain in your lower back.

Every year, Americans attend over 300,000 physical therapy sessions (The Good Body).

Why Physical Therapy?

Why are Americans visiting physical therapy centers? When you review the top reasons, you will quickly note that physical therapists advocate for consistent movement. There are many benefits of a body in motion. Here are just a few of the benefits:

1. Better mental health. Just a quick walk in your neighborhood boosts your mood.
2. Movement improves joint health and strengthens your bones.
3. Improved circulation and cardiovascular health.
4. Better coordination and future fall prevention.

Have you ever had muscle soreness or joint pain that pushed you to change your movement? Or, you may have spent too much time chilling on your sofa, and now your mobility is suffering. It only takes a few days to form a habit that will cause additional pain in the near future.

Movement provides a healthy mind and body. If your motion and mobility are impaired, it is time to consider physical therapy.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider Physical Therapy

With over 300,000 physical therapy sessions a year, what are the most common reasons Americans visit a physical therapist? We asked our therapists about their patients, and here are the reasons Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk patients are visiting TTN:

1. Recovery and improved mobility after an accident or surgery
2. As part of a plan to manage aging for enhanced coordination and fall prevention
3. To combat illness or to control a condition
4. As a preventative measure against or in preparation for invasive surgery
5. Muscle and joint pain management

Is Now the Best Time?

We have all had that nagging pain that goes away after a few days to only returns a week later. How do you know it is time to seek help from a physical therapist? And when should you see your primary care doctor first?

This quote from Self Magazine sums up when you should see a physical therapist and when a visit to your primary care physician is a better first choice.

“There is a time and a place for physical therapy, but physical therapy is usually most appropriate when you’re dealing with an issue that is musculoskeletal (muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones). Certain signs and symptoms indicate when you aren’t ready for physical therapy just yet, like if you have sharp, sudden pain that gets worse with movement; swelling; obvious deformity; or inability to move the body part in question. And if you’re experiencing other health symptoms or complications beyond a musculoskeletal issue, it’s often worth checking in with your primary care provider first.”

So, if you feel that your pain or need is musculoskeletal, keep reading for solutions that you can use today.

Did You Know?

After reviewing our Top 5 Reasons to Consider Physical Therapy, you may have decided that now is the time to schedule your first visit with a therapist at The Therapy Network.

Did you know that you do not need a referral from your physician to attend a physical therapy session in Virginia? It’s true. Direct Access to physical therapy allows patients to start treatment immediately. Typically, after a period of time (currently up to sixty days),  the patient then will follow-up with their primary care provider for an updated script.

Here is a list of therapy programs available within the TTN network. Each of these programs is available to you without a physician referral.

What Can You Do Today?

The Therapy Network has appointments available today. Our patient advocates will help you file the necessary paperwork and insurance claims.

We know that you will have many questions, and we are here to provide the answers.