The news probably is not a shock. You have been living in pain for months. An orthopedic specialist told you that you need total knee replacement surgery (TKRS). As the news sinks in, you say, “now what?”

The number of joint replacement surgeries is rising in the United States. The number of knee replacement surgeries (TKRS) in the United States increased by 56% in 2020 and may increase by 110% by 2025. (Rheumatology Advisor) The reasons for a notable increase in knee replacement surgery are worth a blog. But, for this blog, know that you are not alone. Thousands of Americans will learn that they will have knee replacement surgery this year.

Life in Hampton Roads provides many opportunities for outdoor enjoyment. With a positive attitude, you imagine a life returning to hiking, biking, golf, or even strolling on the beach. Or, you may envision a day where climbing the steps in your home is more manageable.

The day you imagine is in the future. It is essential to be prepared for the first weeks to months after knee replacement surgery to reach your recovery goal.

Knee Replacement Pre-Surgery To-Do List

A seamless recovery from knee replacement surgery is linked to your preparations before your surgery. From finding the right physical therapist to ensuring that your home is equipped with necessary supplies, the time you spend preparing for surgery is essential.

Items to consider purchasing or renting include the following:

  • Grab bars around your home
  • Raised toilet seats
  • Tub Chairs
  • A Cold Therapy or Cryotherapy Knee Kit

Go ahead and review this list of articles with your medical team and purchase them before surgery. The good news is that your health insurance may cover items on the list. A well-organized plan and home will provide an optimal area for recovery.

Within hours of surgery, your hospital medical team will assist you in taking your first steps. Physical therapy will start immediately, which is the cornerstone of your recovery.

As you prepare for surgery, it may be helpful to review a possible recovery timeline. Each patient recovers at their rate, but here is a timeline provided by Health Line. Note that your recovery will most likely be weeks to even months—not days.

Who will guide you through therapy and to recovery? Your pre-surgery list must contain a physical therapy plan. As you organize your home for recovery, also choose your physical therapist.

How Can The Therapy Network Help

Getting your new joint moving after surgery is essential. A therapist will get your blood flowing and your muscles moving. Physical therapy after surgery also reduces your risk of blood clots.

The Therapy Network has six locations in Hampton Roads – Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake. During the initial weeks of your recovery, you may not be able to drive. As friends, family, or even an Uber provide a ride to physical therapy, a TTN location is near your home.

What are our patients saying about the TTN knee replacement therapy plan? The TTN’s therapists are specialists. Before surgery, we will match your needs to the therapist best suited.

“I had knee surgery one and a half months ago because I was living in pain…The TTN staff at the Chesapeake location were very knowledgeable and motivating with my rehab. Thank you for the education and the help.”—Deryck (Soon, Deryck will be returning to playing golf!)

The Therapy Network helps you find your way through the insurance paperwork maze. Each of our TTN locations has dedicated to ensuring that your paperwork is processed and your questions are answered. You ask, and we provide the answers. We are your advocate.

Although we hope you will start a relationship with The Therapy Network before your surgery, each of our locations also has same-day appointments.

You just heard you need knee replacement surgery. Now what? Contact The Therapy Network.