Graston Technique Can Stop Muscle and Joint Pain

Graston Technique, also known as blading, is a unique massage method using a stainless steel instrument. The technique detects soft tissue injury or scar tissue and stretches and relaxes muscles. It provides soft tissue mobilization and increases blood flow.

Graston Technique can stop muscle and joint pain as part of a comprehensive physical therapy plan.

Conditions that Benefit from Graston Technique

Graston Technique provides relief for those diagnosed with a wide range of conditions as an alternative treatment for pain and movement issues. Below is a list of conditions treated at The Therapy Network with the Graston Technique:

A professional physical therapist trained in Graston Technique will include the method in a plan that provides manual therapy and exercise to promote flexibility and range of motion.

Does Graston Technique Hurt?

The technique used stainless steel tools to perform a highly targeted deep tissue massage. Often, patients inquire if this technique hurts.

It is not painful, but some patients may experience bruising. The therapy may cause inflammation, and your muscles may soar to the touch. Although some experience side effects, Graston Technique can stop muscle and joint pain.

What to Expect at The Therapy Network

At The Therapy Network, your trained therapy specialist will create a custom plan to fit your needs and recovery. The program will include traditional therapy exercises and methods and a comprehensive plan to follow at home.

For some, the plan will also include the Graston Technique. The technique is performed by a specialist certified in the method.

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