Industrial Rehabilitation in Virginia

Industrial rehabilitation combines occupational and physical therapy to help employees safely return to work after a long illness, injury, or surgery.

The rehabilitation is helpful to those who have an injury that impacts their ability to perform job duties. Therapists help people overcome physical problems with practical advice and solutions to enable them to return to work.

The Therapy Network is the solution if you require industrial rehabilitation in coastal Virginia.

Specialized Help for Your Industrial Rehabilitation

A specialized rehabilitation therapist from The Therapy Network can assist in your recovery and get you back to work. Here are just a few ways that your therapist will help:

  • Your TTN therapist will communicate with your physician and employer so you can concentrate on your recovery.
  • A therapist will identify barriers to your return to employment, such as strength, flexibility, mobility issues, and pain. We will implement a comprehensive plan to improve any barriers to your return to work.
  • Job duties that you can perform today are identified and communicated to your employer.
  • A specialized therapist will evaluate the ergonomics of your work environment and suggest you and your employer. The goal of ergonomic modifications is to minimize the strain on the employee.
  • Your therapist may conduct an onsite visit to evaluate the work environment better.

The Therapy Network is a Full-Service Rehabilitation Solution

Suppose you need industrial rehabilitation in Virginia. The Therapy Network is your solution. As you prepare to return to work, consider TTN a resource for two additional programs:

Work Conditioning focuses on preparing you to physically complete work tasks that are part of your job description. Your therapist will simulate tasks and identify barriers to a safe return to work.

Functional Capacity Evaluations are comprehensive physical exams to review a worker’s current capabilities to return to work.

The Therapy Network in Virginia

The Therapy Network has six locations in coastal Virginia, and a timely response is the cornerstone of our customer service. Appointments are available today. If you need industrial rehabilitation, contact us today.