The McKenzie Method Treats Chronic Conditions of the Spine

Physiotherapist Robin McKenzie developed the McKenzie Method in 1950. It is a method that treats chronic conditions of the spine. It promotes ways for the body to heal and is still a popular treatment method.

Conditions Treated with The McKenzie Method

Conditions of the spine are not only painful but also debilitating. The McKenzie Method is a specialized therapy practiced by a licensed therapist. After a review by a specialist at The Therapy Network, they may prescribe the method for the following conditions:

During your first visit to The Therapy Network, your therapist will do a complete review of your medical history and current conditions. They will then create a custom recovery plan that may include The McKenzie Method.

The Four Steps of The McKenzie Method

The treatment method focuses on assessment and treatment without invasive or expensive diagnostics such as MRIs or spinal surgery. It also allows patients to take control of their pain.

Here are the four steps of The McKenzie Method that have been practiced since the 1950s:

  • Step One : Understand the patient's symptoms by assessing flexibility and strength through a series of movements
  • Step Two : Determine the best treatment plan
  • Step Three : Eliminate symptoms and restore function through exercise and movement
  • Step Four : Provide patient education

By providing education, the patient may continue the therapy exercises at home. If pain returns, the patient can immediately resume movement therapy. Instruction also includes lifestyle changes to alleviate future flares of pain.

Appointments are Available Now

You need timely therapy if you have back, neck, or shoulder pain. We have a specialized therapist to help you eliminate your pain symptoms today and in the future. The McKenzie Method Treats Chronic Conditions of the Spine, and The Therapy Network has method-trained therapists available today. The Therapy Network has appointments available today.

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