Neuromobilization and Physical Therapy

Over twenty million Americans suffer from nerve pain each year. Neuromobilization is a movement-based therapy where the impacted nerve is mobilized to reduce symptoms, including tingling, numbness, or pain. The treatment remobilizes affected nerves through gentle exercise. Nerves that are inflamed or compressed are relaxed.

Neuromobilization and physical therapy help patients return to a pain-free lifestyle without invasive procedures.

Nerve Pain Relief Through Therapy

If you suffer from nerve pain radiating from your spine, you are experiencing tingling, numbness, pain, and even weakness in your hands or feet. Neuromobilization may be the solution to lessen the pressure on impacted nerves.

Neuromobilization includes low-impact exercises, including walking, stretching, aquatic therapy, resistance training, massage, and manual therapy. The treatment restores symptom-free movement of your back and limbs as muscles surrounding the spine are relaxed.

A top benefit of neuro mobilization for nerve pain is that the method provides education so the patient can perform the stretches and gentle exercises at home.

What to Expect at The Therapy Network

If you are experiencing nerve pain, gentle exercise or even walking may be challenging. The good news is that neuro mobilization accelerates the healing process.

During your first visit to The Therapy Network, your therapy specialist will perform neural tension testing to determine the extent of compromised nerves. After testing, the physical therapist will create a treatment plan.

Your treatment plan will include stretches and gentle exercises to lessen the pressure on nerves while loosening the surrounding muscles. The comprehensive plan will also include patient education. Soon, you will be able to perform the stretches and exercises at home. Home participation in your recovery is vital to nerve pain relief.

Appointment Are Available Today

Timely treatment is a cornerstone of The Therapy Network. Appointments for Neuromobilization and physical therapy are available today. If you live or work in Tidewater, Virginia, your community has six locations.

You do not need a physician’s referral to visit The Therapy Network. Today is the day to learn how to live without nerve pain.