Post Offer Employment Testing

What is Post Offer Employment Testing? A POET determines how physically capable you are to take on a job. The ADA-compliant test compares your physical abilities to a specific job description. Usually, the test is scheduled after you receive a conditional job offer and before your first day of employment.

(A POET may also be used for a current employee who is offered a new employment role)

What does a POET include?

You will complete tasks to your maximum safe potential at The Therapy Network. A menu of exercises will be created to match your job description and may include the following:

  • You may push, pull or lift items of a certain weight
  • Material handling that matches your job description
  • A specialist will evaluate your range of motion
  • Postural demands are reviewed
  • You may climb stairs while holding weights
  • Other physical ability screens may include flexibility, agility, and balance
  • Cognitive ability may be tested

What To Expect at The Therapy Network

A Therapy Network specialist will create a POET to fit the expectations of your new job description. Your potential new employer will receive the results of your test.

TTN will communicate with you to provide information on the best clothes and foot ware to wear to your Post Offer Employment Test. At the time of your appointment booking, the time and duration of the test are available.

The Therapy Network in Coastal Virginia

If you live in Coastal Virginia, a Therapy Network location is near your neighborhood. With six locations in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake, your potential employer can book an appointment this week.

Post Offer Employment Testing ensures a safer workplace with fewer injuries.