Sports Physical Therapy for Runners

Seventy to eighty percent of runners will experience a running injury this year. Some injuries are minor, and others require a recovery plan. At The Therapy Network, you will find a focus on sports physical therapy for runners.

Many running injuries are from overuse and are prevented in the future by following the guidance of a sports physical therapist.

Therapy for Runners at The Therapy Network

You know the importance of a perfectly fitted running shoe if you are a frequent runner. But that is just the foundation of injury prevention. The Therapy Network provides a wide range of solutions and education for runners. In the Tidewater region of Virginia, we offer the following services for runners:

  • Video Analysis: A video gate analysis seeks to identify the root of an injury or a bad habit that may lead to a future injury. At TTN, we can correct any form or gait issues before they lead to an over-use injury.
  • Running Shoes and Orthotics: A Therapy Network specialist can advise you on the best running shoe to fit your needs and if orthotics are needed. The Therapy Network is a resource for custom orthotics in Tidewater, Virginia.
  • Sports Therapy Taping: Would you benefit from Kinesiology Taping? After an evaluation by a Therapy Network specialist, they may recommend taping as a training solution. Taping reduces pain while also improving performance.
  • Shin Splints and Foot or Ankle Conditions: If you are a runner diagnosed with shin splits or a foot and ankle condition, a sports physical therapist at The Therapy Network will create a custom recovery plan.

Sports Physical Therapy for ALL Runners

At The Therapy Network, we treat ALL runners. Perhaps you just started running and want to ensure that your training plan allows for growth but without injury. Or you may be training for a race—from a 5K to a marathon. We are here to provide both sports therapy and advice.

You do not need a physician’s referral to visit The Therapy Network. Appointments are available today.