Sacroiliac Joint Treatment at The Therapy Network

Sacroiliac Joint Treatment or the Hesch Method restores joint function and mobility in the pelvic structure. It is a whole-body approach to fix lower back and pelvic joint conditions. The treatment uses both exercises and stretching to relieve pain while improving mobility.

Sacroiliac Joint Treatment at The Therapy Network provides a system for relieving lower back and hip pain.

A Whole Body Approach

If you suffer from any of the below conditions, we know you are looking for pain relief and a way back to your everyday lifestyle. Here are some of the conditions that benefit from Sacroiliac Joint Treatment:

Sacroiliac joint pain may appear suddenly and be sharp or may start as a dull ache and progress. SI Joint pain is a sharp, radiating pain that starts in your hips and radiates to your lower back and down your legs. The Hesch Method helps relief the pain.

Sacroiliac Joint Treatment treats the hip, the pelvis, and the lumbar spine in conjunction with the sacroiliac joint (SIJ or pelvic joint). Success is achieved through the combined effort that treats through exercises and stretching.

At-Home Pain Relief

Your specialized therapist at The Therapy Network will accurately asses both your pain and your joint mobility. A comprehensive recovery plan is created that may include Sacroiliac Joint Treatment.

Education plays a crucial role in Sacroiliac Joint Treatment. Your therapist will show you easy exercises and stretches to follow at home. Your participation at home will not only speed your recovery and ease your pain but prevent pain flares in the future.

Sacroiliac joint exercises and stretches provide at-home relief for those with hip and lower back pain.

Your First Visit to The Therapy Network

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Sacroiliac Joint Treatment at The Therapy Network is available in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake, Virginia.

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