Conditions that Benefit from Graston Technique

There are 49 million runners in the United States. Running is a stress reliever and can be part of a healthy lifestyle until you get hurt. Each year, 65% of runners experience downtime due to a running injury.

You can prevent injury and improve your running with a gait analysis.

The Benefits of a Gait Analysis at The Therapy Network

A video gait analysis identifies the root of your injury. Perhaps, it is a bad habit leading to your pain. Or you may be currently running pain-free and want to ensure your running health into the future. Here are some of the benefits of a gait analysis:

  • An analysis optimizes your running form
  • It helps you choose the right shoes or orthotics
  • It helps you correct bad habits before they cause injury
  • It provides a base and education for new runners
  • It analyzes the cause of a current injury.

Gait analysis is a diagnostic and educational tool if you are a new or seasoned runner.

What to Expect During a Gait Analysis

First, your appointment will not only include video analysis. Your Therapy Network specialist will review your medical history and your running log. They will also evaluate your strength and flexibility.

Please bring your running log and wear shoes that are not new to you. Your shoes worn during the analysis should be your regular running shoes.

You will be video recorded from multiple angles while running on a treadmill. Your therapist will review the four phases of your running gait, including:

  • Loading Response
  • Mid-stance
  • Terminal Stance
  • Pre-swing

The therapist will review your knee, ankle, and foot alignment and the muscle response that affects your gait. Your therapist will study ways to improve your running through the gait analysis.

Appointments Are Available Today in Tidewater Virginia

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You do not need a physician’s referral to visit The Therapy Network in Virginia.