Physical Therapy and Work Conditioning

A work conditioning program helps those recovering from injury or illness return to work. There is no doubt a strong link between physical therapy and work conditioning.

Work conditioning is a goal-oriented program. Physical therapy teaches you to perform your usual work tasks safely and healthily. Your return to work is within reach.

Work Conditioning : What to Expect

At your first physical therapy appointment, a Therapy Network specialist will evaluate your current physical abilities to set a baseline. The therapist will review your current or future job description and tasks associated with the position.

Starting with your first appointment, you will practice job duties in a safe and controlled environment. Physical therapy and work conditioning will simulate work scenarios, and your therapist will set goals. The program requires active participation at both The Therapy Network center and home.

You will work with your therapist to complete a comprehensive plan.

Build Endurance with Work Conditioning

Work conditioning not only prepares you physically for a return to the workplace, but it prepares you mentally. At times, your recovery has felt long, and you may doubt your stamina to complete a day at work. The doubts are normal.

Here are the benefits of your personal, comprehensive plan:

  • You will build strength and increase endurance
  • The movement will become easier with increased flexibility and range of motion
  • You will learn ways to prevent further or future injury at work
  • Stress management is part of the comprehensive plan
  • You will build confidence as you complete tasks associated with your job description

Physical therapy and work conditioning will ensure that you build endurance before returning to work.

Work Conditioning at The Therapy Network

Appointments are available today. The Therapy Network has six locations in coastal Virginia: Hampton, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake.

Your return to work is within reach. Let The Therapy Network help you prepare.