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The Therapy Network’s Concussion Clinic

You have been diagnosed with a concussion; now what?

First, if you believe you may have a concussion or a head injury, please immediately seek attention at a medical center or from your physician.

Everyone’s trauma is different. For those with a concussion, the recovery may take just days, or it may take months. The Therapy Network’s Concussion Clinic and its professional staff team are ready to assist in your recovery.

What Can You Expect at a Concussion Clinic?

First, a traumatic brain injury physical therapy specialist will meet and evaluate your condition. They will look at the symptoms that you are experiencing and review your complete medical history. (It is important to tell your therapist if you have ever been diagnosed with a concussion in the past)

It is also essential to describe the circumstances around your concussion
diagnosis. Did you sustain a head injury in a motor vehicle accident (MVA), a fall, or sports, or is it a workplace injury?

During your initial visit to the Therapy Network’s Concussion Clinic, your therapist will perform the following tests:

  • A Balance Assessment
  • Vestibular System Reaction
  • Check for Vertigo and Dizzyness
  • Evaluate Neck Pain
  • Discuss Headaches

Physical Therapy for Concussion Patients

You can review a complete discussion of concussion therapies on our website, but here is a brief review.

Here are ways that physical therapy helps a concussion patient’s recovery:

  • Restore Strength
  • Build Endurance
  • Improve Balance
  • Reduce Headaches

A therapist specialist will also help you create a series of steps to complete as you return to regular activity at home, work, and sports. Your concussion rehabilitation will also include exercises and tasks to complete at home.

Education plays a crucial role in concussion rehabilitation. A therapist will educate you, your family members, or a caregiver on recovery expectations.

What is the Rest Equation for Concussion Patients?

Often, concussion patients fully recover with rest and physical therapy. But some may still experience symptoms, even after rest. A physical therapist specializing in traumatic brain injury will note that your recovery does not fit the “rest equation.”

Think of your concussion clinic specialist as a set of trained eyes to watch your recovery. If your brain injury recovery is not on track, they will provide support and contacts in the needed field of medicine.

Appointments Available Today

Physical therapy is an essential part of your recovery plan for a concussion. Appointments are available today at The Therapy Network.


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