What is a Bulging Disk and How Can Physical Therapy Help?

A bulging disk is one of the most common causes of back pain. What is a bulging disk, and how can physical therapy help?

The human spine includes 24 vertebrae with a rubbery, cushioned disk between each one. Your bulging disk may be from an accident, overuse, or age. A bulging disk may occur anywhere within the spine, but most often, the bulging occurs in the lower back.

A bulging disk looks like a deflated balloon and it sags. The disk bulges outwards.

Here are five indicators of a bulging disk:

  • You experience chronic pain while sitting
  • Often, pain radiates into your leg, especially while lifting, twisting, or sitting
  • Daily activities aggravate and increase pain
  • Your arms or legs are numb or tingle
  • Many with a bulging disk experience weakness in either their arms or legs

The Good News

Most often, relieving the pain and symptoms of a bulging disk does not include surgery. Physical therapy is the first step to recovery.

After four to twelve weeks of physical therapy, followed by at-home exercises, most experience pain relief, and improved mobility.

Bulging Disk: How Can Physical Therapy Help?

A Therapy Network professional will complete a thorough assessment of the location of pain, mobility, reflexes, and strength in your arms and legs. Your TTN physical therapy specialist will create a personalized PT plan that may include the following:

A home exercise and stretching program will be custom created to fit your needs.

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