If you have Degenerative Disk Disease, Physical Therapy is Part of the Solution

Degenerative Disk Disease occurs when the cushioning in your spine begins to wear away. The condition is most common in older adults, including wear and tear on spinal disks.

Overall health, lifestyle factors, and even injury accelerate disk disease. Even though aging is a leading factor in Degenerative Disk Disease, there are steps that anyone can take to lessen the impact of the disease.

A healthy lifestyle, including weight management and activity, plays a crucial role in symptom management. If you have Degenerative Disk Disease, physical therapy is part of the solution.

Be Active & Build Muscles

Exercise and a healthy lifestyle are vital to weight management, especially as we age. Regular exercise strengthens your muscles, bones, and joints. Movement and weight management are the building blocks of a disk disease maintenance plan.

Patients with Degenerative Disk Disease find that building muscles that support their trunk or core alleviate pain. Building core muscles improves posture and helps relieve the frequency of painful disk disease flare-ups.

Activity and stretching improve spinal movement and helps minimize the severity of lower back and leg pain.

Physical Therapy is Part of the Solution

Many first experiencing Degenerative Disk Disease need guidance to build muscle, strength, and flexibility. A professional therapist at The Therapy Network will evaluate and create a custom plan to strengthen the muscles around your spine while increasing flexibility.

Your plan will strengthen your muscles, bones, and joints and prepare you to continue therapy at home. You will finish a four to the twelve-week program at The Therapy Network with tools and knowledge to lessen or prevent Degenerative Disk Disease pain in the years ahead.

And for those that may need to rebuild a healthy lifestyle to decrease the impact of disk disease, the Kempsville TTN location provides a Wellness Program. Remember, maintaining a healthy weight decreases the stress on your spinal column.

Appointments Available Today

If you have Degenerative Disk Disease, Physical Therapy is Part of the Solution. The Therapy Network has appointments available today at any of our six locations.

Sign up for the TTN Wellness Program at our Kempsville location. For $35 a month, you will learn habits to put you on the road to a new healthy lifestyle.