The Positive Role of Physical Therapy for Facet Arthopathy

Facet Arthropathy is both a form of arthritis and a degenerative condition of the spinal facet joints. Facet joints are located along the back of the spine and allow a range of motion while keeping the spine vertebrae together.

What leads to a Facet Arthropathy diagnosis? Age, weight, previous injury, and even a manual labor occupation. But note that the diagnosis does not mean an end to an active lifestyle.

Facet Arthropathy causes localized and radiating pain and may occur in the cervical vertebrae or the lumbar region of the spine. Patients may even experience pain in the shoulder, arm, and down both legs. Often, the pain impacts the patient’s ability to maintain an active life. Unfortunately, inactivity only compounds the problem and increases the symptoms.

The good news is that lifestyle changes and physical therapy will lessen the impact of Facet Arthropathy.

The Positive Role of Physical Therapy for Facet Arthopathy

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Physical therapy relieves pressure on the facet joints while stretching and conditioning muscles. Like many spinal degenerative conditions, building a solid core of muscles supports the spine and relieves pain.

Physical therapy reconditions and elongates the spine while relaxing the surrounding soft tissue. Your PT specialist will emphasize restoring balance, flexibility, and strength. During PT, you will learn low – impact exercises and stretches.

Education plays a vital role within all programs at The Therapy Network and is critical to maintaining an active life. During PT, you will master a series of exercises to continue at home. You will also learn how to overcome a sedentary lifestyle while understanding the condition of Facet Arthropathy.

Are you overweight? Although Facet Arthropathy is a degenerative condition, weight increases the probability of pain. Remember, maintaining a healthy weight decreases the stress on your spinal column. For those that may need to rebuild a healthy lifestyle to decrease the impact of spinal disease, the Kempsville TTN location provides a Wellness Program.

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