The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Spinal Compression Fractures

A spinal compression fracture can happen to anyone. Once diagnosed with a fracture, the goal is to return to everyday life. Physical Therapy is a vital part of the recovery plan.

Osteoporosis, trauma from an accident, infection, and cancer may cause a spinal compression fracture. Those over sixty years old are at an increased risk, with over 1.5 million spinal compression fractures occurring yearly due to osteoporosis.

Spinal compression fractures weaken the entire spine. Even a minor fracture may make your spine readjust and impact your posture. Pain may be centralized around the fracture or can radiate down both arms and legs.

As soon as a specialist stabilizes your spine, they will introduce physical therapy to your recovery plan.

The Five Benefits of Physical Therapy for Spinal Compression Fracture Recovery

Physical therapy is a vital part of an overall treatment plan and promotes returning to everyday life after a spinal compression fracture. There are many benefits to physical therapy in a fracture recovery plan. Below are 5 key reasons:

  • PT strengthens spine muscles and reduces stress around the fracture.
  • Therapy reduces pain and improves overall mobility.
  • Patients learn new skills to promote the return to daily activities.
  • A trained therapist will provide Fall Prevention education.
  • Recovery includes the adoption of an at-home exercise plan.

A Plan for Seniors

Statistically, seniors most often suffer from spinal compression fractures. Osteoporosis and falls within the home are leading factors.

The Therapy Network includes a specialized therapy plan for senior patients. Osteoporosis exercise education and Fall Prevention play a crucial role in both a recovery plan and a future lifestyle plan at TTN.

What to Expect at The Therapy Network

Once a spinal injury specialist stabilizes your spine, our professional staff is ready to create a custom recovery plan. The Therapy Network has appointments available today at any of our six locations in coastal Virginia.

In 2022, The Therapy Network opened a new facility specializing in pain management and balance in Norfolk, Virginia. The new facility has dedicated fall prevention and balance center. Contact The Therapy Network to learn about the benefits of physical therapy for spinal compression fractures.