Physical Therapy Decreases Headaches

Physical therapy decreases headaches’ intensity, frequency, and duration. PT is also a safe headache management strategy.

Did you know that migraines are a leading cause of disability for those under 50? Physical therapy can decrease the intensity and frequency of migraines and tension headaches, and those linked to neck pain.

Headaches are caused by hypertension, too much caffeine, a sinus infection, and overexertion. But, causes also include cervical disk problems, muscle stress, tension, and TMJ. The latter cause of headaches is treatable with physical therapy.

Physical Therapy is a Safe Headache Management Strategy

If you suffer from cervicogenic (cervical disk pain) headaches or those caused by TMJ, tension, or stress, you may lean on pharmaceuticals for relief. Physical therapy is a pharmacy-free alternative.

What can you expect from physical therapy? PT can relieve your pain in three ways:

If you are suffering from one or more debilitating headaches a week, you may not feel like adopting an exercise plan. Aerobic exercise is nature’s pain reliever for those that suffer from headaches. A physical therapist will use manual and exercise therapy to help you return to a normal lifestyle.

Physical therapy will also treat the condition behind your headache. A herniated cervical disk is just one cause of frequent headaches. So is TMJ. A therapist will teach you to relieve pain today and treat the underlying condition.

Education is a crucial ingredient to physical therapy for headache relief. Your therapist will teach you at-home exercises and stress relief techniques.

What Can You Expect at The Therapy Network?

Physical therapy decreases headaches and appointments are available today You do not need a physician’s referral for your first visit.

During your first visit, you will meet a therapy specialist outlining a custom program that includes manual therapy, exercise therapy, and education.

If you live in Hampton, Norfolk, Virginia Beach or Chesapeake, Virginia, there is a Therapy Network location near your neighborhood. We have six locations to service our patients. How can we help you today?