Physical Therapy Provides Relief from Muscle Strains

Muscle strain and sprains are the most common cause of lower back pain. Nearly 65 million Americans report an episode of lower back pain each year.

What are the symptoms of muscle strain in your lower back? Here are the top five symptoms:

  • Local swelling around the strained muscle can also lead to weakness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Tenderness when touched
  • Cramping in the lower back
  • Pain with specific movements that may be intense or dull

The lower back supports all of the weight of your upper body. So, there is no doubt that the discomfort typically worsens with specific movements.

Physical Therapy Provides Relief from Muscle Strains

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The key is not to stay immobile for too long. Moving and stretching early in your recovery is vital. You should begin range-of-motion exercises within 72 hours of your injury. The good news is that you can expect a full recovery with physical therapy assistance.

Muscles in the lower back, abdomen, glutes, and hips are necessary to support your spine. Strong muscles can minimize pain when an injury does happen.

Physical therapy will not only relieve your current pain, but you will learn exercises to strengthen your core while stretching and strengthening lower back muscles.

What to Expect at The Therapy Network

Since the key to recovery from a back muscle strain is not to stay immobile for an extended time, the first way TTN will help is to see you today. The Therapy Network has appointments available today.

You can expect to work with a TTN physical therapist for three to four weeks at one of our six locations. A professional specialist at The Therapy Network will evaluate your pain and create a custom recovery plan. Additionally, you will learn exercises to continue at home as you build your strength and range of motion.

Did you know you do not need a physician’s referral to see a physical therapist in Virginia? In today’s appointment, we will help you work through any insurance paperwork and process your claim. You can concentrate on the process of healing from your lower back muscle strain.

Appointments are available today at The Therapy Network locations in Hampton, Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. Physical therapy provides relief from muscles trains. How can we help you today?