Relieve Rheumatic Pain with Physical Therapy

Rheumatic pain, or rheumatoid arthritis, is an inflammatory autoimmune disease that causes pain and joint damage. The condition can be in any body part, resulting in physical limitations and occupational restrictions.

Early indicators include joint pain with motion and soreness to the touch. Usually, the condition presents itself in those between thirty to fifty years old. (After 60yo, the condition is named Elderly Onset RA).

Patients can relieve rheumatic pain with physical therapy.

Why Physical Therapy?

We know your pain is usually worse in the morning or after periods of inactivity. Physical therapy keeps you moving, and movement relieves inflammation. Those with rheumatoid arthritis need a plan to manage inflammation, and physical therapy should be part of that plan.

PT also strengthens the muscles around affected joints while also providing flexibility. An additional benefit of a physical therapy plan is the motivation and encouragement offered by working with a trained specialist.

The good news is that physical therapy can help if you are recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis or have had the condition for a long time.

Relieve Rheumatic Pain at The Therapy Network

What can you expect at The Therapy Network? Our team of trained specialists will create a custom therapy plan to fit your needs. Your rheumatic pain
therapy plan may include the following:

Your therapy specialist will also create a comprehensive at-home exercise plan. Relieving rheumatic pain is an ongoing effort that you will continue at home.

Your therapist will also provide education on the following topics:

  • How to use assistive tools in everyday life
  • Instruction to limit joint strain at home and work
  • Exercises to maintain range of motion

Appointments are Available Today

You can relieve rheumatic pain with physical therapy, and The Therapy Network has appointments available today. With six locations in Hampton, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake, Virginia, we have a location near your neighborhood.