Physical Therapy Treats Spondylitis Effectively

Spondylitis is inflammatory arthritis affecting both the spine and large joints. Over time, the condition causes some vertebrae to fuse, causing pain and limited mobility.

The condition affects mainly men, and symptoms usually appear in early adulthood. Many have posture problems and a stooped stance in later life if untreated. If you are diagnosed with spondylitis, you must begin an exercise or physical therapy plan immediately.

The key ingredient in treating spondylitis is exercise. Movement is the best way to ease pain and keep a range of motion. Patients must continue to be active and maintain motion.

Physical Therapy Treats Spondylitis Effectively: 5 Benefits of Therapy

Physical therapy forms a plan around your pain and keeps your body in motion. A physical therapy plan for spondylitis provides the following five benefits:

  • PT provides an incentive to stay active
  • Physical therapy improves posture and pressure on your spine
  • Staying active is the best way to improve the range of motion
  • Activity reduces pain
  • Exercise increases blood flow to the inflamed area

Walking reduces pain, inflammation, and stress. In addition, a regular walking program shows results in treating spondylitis. Patients should begin with a 10-minute daily walk about build to at least 30 minutes of walking a day. A trained physical therapist will provide tips and an easy-to-follow walking plan to build your endurance.

Spondylitis: What to Expect at The Therapy Network

Physical therapy treats spondylitis effectively, and your TTN therapist will create a comprehensive treatment plan to fit your needs. Your custom plan may include the following:

Since walking is a beneficial building block in any spondylitis therapy plan, review a recent blog in the Therapy Network library, “A Guide to Walking for Health

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