Industrial Injuries

Industrial Injuries Conditions Treated

If you are a patient in recovery from an industrial injury or a physician with a referral, The Therapy Network provides a team of specialized physical therapists. We are located in coastal Virginia and provide the following services to fit your needs:

A functional capacity evaluation is a set of tests and observations to determine your ability to return to work.
You had an at-work injury, in an accident, or are impaired by a long-term illness.
A work conditioning program helps those recovering from injury or illness return to work.

The Therapy Network team includes therapists certified in the latest edition of the American Medical Association’s Guidelines for Permanent Impairment.

Suppose your goal is to return to work after an industrial injury. In that case, a therapy specialist will ensure that an active and comprehensive plan is followed for re-entry into the workforce. We will build endurance and confidence.

A TTN therapist is trained to provide an objective assessment of physical ability related to the demands of a specific job.

Industrial Injuries and Physical Therapy

Workplace or industrial injuries happen. They are incredibly stressful when they prevent or delay your return to work. Or perhaps your workplace injury has been further complicated with complex legal issues or disability.

Physical therapy is key to gaining permission to return to work or even during legal or insurance agency negotiations. The link between industrial injuries and physical therapy often provides a positive outcome.

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We provide recovery methods for industrial injuries and physical therapy solutions. With six locations in coastal Virginia, including Hampton, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake, appointments are available now.


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