Lower Body

Lower Body Pain Conditions Treated

At The Therapy Network, you will find relief for today’s lower body pain and a forward-looking plan. Our professional therapy specialist will custom-create a plan to fit your needs today and provide education for tomorrow.

At any of our six locations in Hampton, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, or Chesapeake, Virginia, our therapist provides solutions to lower body pain, including:

The cause of hip pain may be an injury, age, inflammation, or disease.
Knee pain is the second most prevalent pain among Americans.
Foot and ankle pain may be keeping you from living your best life.
The positives of running include improved cardiovascular, mental, and physical health.
What are shin splints? The condition is the most common athletic injury…

If you are a runner, The Therapy Network provides a progressive plan to remedy your lower body pain, evaluate your form and educate you for the future.

Physical Therapy Provides Solutions for Lower Body Pain

If you are experiencing pain in your lower body, you are not alone. More than half of Americans are currently living with pain. Hip pain, knee pain, and foot or ankle pain are impacting our enjoyment of life and our ability to perform daily activities. In pain, some are even missing work.

You need relief and a forward-looking plan when you are experiencing joint or muscle pain. Or perhaps, you are an athlete experiencing the pain of a high – impact sport. Physical therapy provides solutions for lower body pain.

Appointments are Available Today

In Virginia, you do not need a physician’s referral to visit a physical therapy center. The professional staff at The Therapy Network is open to scheduling your appointment, evaluating your needs, and assisting with processing any insurance documentation and paperwork. Appointments are available today at any of our six locations. Remember, physical therapy provides solutions for lower body pain and TTN is available to see you today.


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