Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries Conditions Treated

What are the most common sports injuries treated with physical therapy? Here is a list of the top 10 injuries treated at The Therapy Network in coastal Virginia:

Muscle strain and sprains are the most common cause of lower back pain.
Knee pain is the second most prevalent pain among Americans.
Foot and ankle pain may be keeping you from living your best life.
What are shin splints? The condition is the most common athletic injury and…
Did you know that the shoulder is the most moveable joint in the human body?
A spinal compression fracture can happen to anyone


There are many reasons for elbow pain. The pain usually starts in the elbow and…
A concussion is a severe injury, and you should seek medical attention immediately…
The sciatic nerve travels from the lower back through the hips,…

Some sports injuries are treated successfully with physical therapy alone, and some need surgery. Physical therapy is vital in a pre and post-surgery recovery plan.

Recover from a Sports Injury with Physical Therapy

If you have a sports injury, consider physical therapy as the cornerstone of your recovery. Sports injuries happen to professional athletes and weekend sports warriors. All can recover from a sports injury with physical therapy as part of the plan.

Recover from a Sports Injury with Physical

Physical therapy helps you recover physically and mentally from a sports injury. A sports physical therapist is specifically trained to deal with sports injuries and their impact on daily life. Some of the benefits of sports physical therapy include the following:

  • You will regain strength and movement
  • Therapy helps you manage pain
  • PT prevents permanent damage and recurring problems
  • Exercise increases the blood flow around the injured area
  • Physical therapy reduces mental stress

If you need surgery as part of your sports injury recovery, pre-op physical therapy helps you better prepare and recover faster. It may even shorten your time in the hospital. After surgery, your specialized physical therapist will create a customized plan for recovery.

Recover with The Therapy Network

The Therapy Network has appointments available today. We understand the value of timely assistance and can even see you without a physician’s referral. With offices located in Norfolk, Hampton, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake, Virginia, there is a location near your neighborhood. Recover from a sports injury with physical therapy at The Therapy Network.


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