Physical Therapist Careers

Transform Your Weeks: More Healing, More Beaches, More You

Imagine a career where Mondays don’t loom over your Sunday evenings – where work-life balance isn’t just a buzzword but your everyday reality. At The Therapy Network, we’re redefining what being a dedicated physical therapist means.

Dive into a Four-Day Work Week:

Empower lives, including your own. Our innovative scheduling lets you focus deeply on patient care without burnout. You’ll have the time to connect, heal, and inspire, ensuring each patient feels their best.

Embrace Three-Day Beach Weeks – Every Week:

As the waves retreat, find yourself amidst golden sands and serene horizons. Whether it’s surfing, sunbathing, or simply unwinding to the rhythmic sounds of the ocean, our unique schedule gifts you a perpetual mini vacation. Rejuvenate in the sun and come back refreshed and ready to make a difference.

Why Wait for Vacation?

With The Therapy Network, the beach isn’t just a getaway; it’s part of your lifestyle. We blend passion with leisure, ensuring that every week brings a balance of professional fulfillment and personal bliss.

Are You Ready To Make A Real Difference?

At The Therapy Network – Physical Therapy, we’re not just a team; we’re a family. We’re searching for passionate individuals eager to push the boundaries of physical therapy and genuinely make a difference in the lives of our patients and community. If you want to merge your passion for healthcare with a dynamic, supportive, and innovative environment, your journey begins here!

Elevate Your Career With Us!

Employee-Owned Company: Imagine working in a place where you’re not just an employee but a co-owner. Thanks to our 100% Employee Stock Option Program (ESOP), your retirement plan is fully funded by the company – a testament to our belief in sharing success!

Patient-Centric: We pride ourselves on putting patients first, elevating the standard of care through advanced specialization and unparalleled accessibility.

Professional Growth: We’re deeply committed to your success, offering competitive continuing education packages, internal mentoring, and opportunities to pursue your interests and passions in various specialties.

Why Join The Therapy Network?

Innovative Leadership: Be inspired by our history of firsts – Virginia’s initial Manually Certified Therapist, the first McKenzie Certified Therapist in Tidewater, and pioneering the region’s Dry Needling-Certified therapy.

A Supportive Family: Work within our close-knit network of therapists and benefit from a team-oriented environment. Plus, our impactful marketing helps establish you as a trusted, well-respected professional in the community.

Recognition & Rewards: Our therapists are nationally recognized for their outstanding outcomes. Join us and be part of a winning team!

Benefits & Perks

Competitive Compensation & Bonuses: We value your hard work and dedication – enjoy competitive pay and an uncapped productivity bonus.

Top-Notch Benefits: Premium medical, dental, vision, substantial PTO, and more!

Work-Life Balance: Relish your weekends and major holidays off! Perfect for both new grads with our mentoring program and established therapists seeking continuous mentorship.

Professional Development: A generous con-ed budget to fuel your career growth and advancement.

Lifestyle: No weekend work! Spend quality time doing what you love.