Pre and Post – Surgery

Pre and Post - Surgery Conditions Treated

You just discovered that you need surgery, and your physician suggests physical therapy. Now what?

The importance of pre and post-surgery physical therapy can not be understated. Here is why. Physical therapy shortens hospital stays and increases motion, agility, and strength. It also helps you manage post-surgery pain. Pre-surgery physical therapy can be just as beneficial as post-op therapy.

Pre-Surgery Physical Therapy

You may expect post-surgery physical therapy, but therapy before surgery is essential. Here are just a few reasons to consider adding physical therapy to your pre-surgery plan:

  • If you improve your balance before surgery, you may have fewer falls.
  • Pre-surgery physical therapy reduces post-surgery pain.
  • Prehabilitation shortens hospital stays.
  • Physical therapy brightens your mood and outlook about surgery
  • A therapist will help you set post-op goals and teach you skills to use immediately after surgery
  • Pre-surgery physical therapy helps you build muscles and flexibility around the future surgery area

Post-Surgery Physical Therapy

Your post-op physical therapy may start in the hospital or shortly after release. Physical therapy will be essential in your recovery and return to a normal lifestyle. What can you expect with post-surgery physical therapy? Here are just a few expectations:

  • You will start with easy flexing and stretching exercises
  • Physical therapy will play a vital role in pain management
  • Therapy exercises will reduce swelling and promote healing while minimizing scar tissue
  • Your therapy session will help you restore strength

Your therapy specialist may use ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and manual therapy to restore blood flow to the affected tissue. New exercises may be added to your therapy plan as your flexibility and range of motion improve. Included in your therapy plan will be at-home exercises.

The Importance of Pre and Post-Surgery Physical Therapy

The Therapy Network understands the importance of pre and post-surgery physical therapy. We have appointments available today. If you have learned that you will have surgery, now is the time to contact one of our six locations in Hampton, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake, Virginia.


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